Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, Ohiwa!

This past weekend was spent at one of my favourite places - Ohiwa.
We head to Ohiwa a few times a year to stay at the campground over there. Sometimes we tent, sometimes we get a cabin, but we always have the greatest time. I think it's because is just 40 minutes from home but it feels like a whole 'nother world.
This weekend we had a cabin, we deemed it too cold for camping and we were right! We hired a cabin and my Mum and Dad came along in their camper. I was so glad we did it this way because we had one fine day, and one day where it absolutely poured down.
Luckily, even in the rain, it is far more exciting to be there than it is to be at home! We borrowed a DVD player, and spent the afternoon watching Fantastic Mr Fox and eating ice creams from the shop.

On the Saturday, when the weather behaved, we spent a good chunk of time digging for crabs in the harbour. There's something so exciting about crabbing. The squelching of the mud, the thrill of the chase, the competition for the biggest nippers, and then watching them all burrow back into the ground when you release them at the end. I think I love it perhaps even more than the kids!

Aesop was pleased to find some kids he knew from school were over for the weekend too. They spent hours racing round on their bikes, kicking the ball around and exploring the campground and sand dunes. So cool to see my boys spending so much time outdoors - not being a outdoorsy person myself, I guess I don't really encourage a lot of outdoor play. I think that might need to be a goal these coming months - more outside adventures!

All in all, it was, as usual, a delicious weekend full of food, family and fun. So good.
Roll on Summer, especially if it means more weekends like this one!


  1. Hooray! I love're making me all homesick for the North Island now ;) Gorgeous!

  2. Oh, Ohiwa is great, I want to come back to the Bay of Plenty. I wonder if our future includes going back there? Maybe I could nudge it that way??? Hmmmmmm. Hey your photo's are great !!! I love the ones on the sand dunes.

  3. we love to camp too, i reckon boys especially need to be outdoors and run run run, climb, dig, pick up sticks, get dirty, its when mine are their happiest :)

  4. Just want to say thanks for this post! I'm back from a trip around the East Coast and was looking for a place to stay around Opotiki last night when I remembered your post. I ended up staying in a cabin and walked up to the old Pa site. the views were incredible.
    I mentioned to the owner that I had heard about the camp-ground from you blog and she was stoked - hope she gives you a discount next time!