Monday, October 1, 2012


On Friday, Otto had his operation to get grommets put in.

He has put up with years of ear infections and glue ear without much complaining at all, and he put up with the operation this way too! And despite all my worrying, and minor freak-outs about the anesthetic, I was surprisingly calm on the day as well.

We spent the night with Abraham's Mum the night before, to avoid travelling really early in the morning. We woke at sparrows fart, and headed to the hospital. We skipped breakfast and checked in, with rumbling tummies.
We were lucky enough to be second in line for surgery, meaning we only waited 2 hours. Otto was incredibly good, and Mollie was too. We drew pictures, played Cut The Rope, and had the pre-surgery checks. Then it was time to rock 'n roll!

The whole thing was over and done with in around 20 minutes.
Otto woke up a little agitated, but soon calmed when the nurse took the IV lure out of his leg. He turned down an ice block, and really just wanted his Dad. (Must say I took that one a little personally..)

It was incredible to see how quickly he bounced back. Within ten minutes of being back at his Nana's, he was eating and wanting to run outside and check the egg boxes. And his hearing? Amazing. I didn't even have to turn around and look at him when talking to him in the car!

So proud of my Otto. What a trooper!

I'm also so thankful we live in a country where our children recieve such wonderful medical care, all free of cost. This operation will make such a difference to our lives! Cool as, NZ government, this is one thing you are winning at : )


  1. Otto you are so awesome! Your dad looks super tired in the thumbs-up pic.

    Well done Rhiannon. You're cool too, bro x

  2. Ah! life changing! The power of hearing properly! Awesome stuff for being so cool parents, and yay to the NZ govt. too!

  3. yay! glad it went so well for your little guy xxx

  4. You overjoyed as I am that his surgery went well....I'm also so happy to read the term "sparrows fart" - i haven't heard that saying in ages. And you're right about our healthcare too. x

  5. Oh my goodness, I don't know if it's just because I'm pregnant and hormonal but this post had me in tears! I'm following. Soooooo glad it all went well for you.Rx

  6. Wow, go Otto. He'll love being able to hear clearly (and so will you) . Hey your photo's are awesome!! How did you do the little display template thingy? It's really cool.