Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mail love, and recent additions.

A very short while ago, I recieved a message from a lady through my Toast FB page. She said she liked my blog and, very kindly, offered to send me some fabric that she no longer needed. I said 'yes, please!' and gave her my postal address. I smiled a lot that afternoon. What a kind thought!

Abraham called this afternoon to say that a big parcel had arrived for me, and would I come and get it?
I picked it up, rushed home, plonked Mollie on the floor (nicely, of course..) and tore into the brown paper that the goodies were wrapped in.

(My favourites - the cats are going to become a dress for Mol verrrry soon!)

The fabric was amaaaazing. I don't even exaggerate. You know how it can be a bit hit and miss when people gift you things, (especially relative strangers!) well there was not a single piece in the pile that I would not have snaffled up had I been buying it myself!

As if the fabric and wee haberdashery bits weren't enough - in the very middle was something wrapped carefully in cardboard and tissue paper. I opened it up to find two, very delicate, deer for my collection.

(They had broken limbs and I worried that perhaps I had not been careful enough in my excitement to open the parcel - but the note inside explained that they had just been so excited to come live with us that they had jumped out of the cupboard! Phew. Heh.)

I am more than blown away by this parcel.
I have been lucky enough to receive a few wee gifts from readers since I started blogging, but I will never ever stop being surprised by the incredible generosity people have.
Thank you SO much.


As well as amazing mail love, I have a new (second hand) camera lens. Uh-huh, this camera thing could get addictive. I might now need to learn how to use it properly though, so I can justify buying some fancy lenses too!

And, finally, this is my only thrift find in the past few weeks. It has been a bit of a dry spell!
I do love the older metal tonka trucks, and this one is a bit different to the ones I normally see. It has a cracked windscreen, but for $3 I couldn't resist.
Otto seems to like it too, the trailer is perfect for transporting stormtroopers.. upside down.


  1. Wow so generous! She really got your tastes bang on too! I want to see what you do with that rainbow fabric!

  2. OH MY GOSH THE CATS!! The cats rule! lucky one ow

  3. Oh my goodness, you lucky thing !! those fabrics look amazing. And a new lense too! Now that really IS exciting.