Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mollie's Chair : 6 Months!

6 Months

My Mollie-mol was officially six months old on Monday.
Half a year! This is crazy, or as Otto would say: 'What the hiccup?!'
It has been, all in all, such a great six months. We had a wee bout of reflux, we haven't had a lot of sleep and we've had a few other ups and downs, but Mollie is truly a delicious child and that makes anything else seem much more manageable.

Mol is rolling and inching her way around the room now, occasionally pulling up to her hands and knees. She is so close to taking off.
After a few tastes of banana a few weeks ago, Mollie has decided she's not ready for solids. (Well, we've decided... but she is refusing to have us put anything near her mouth and is not bringing things to her mouth herself yet.) We're thiiiis close to bringing up the high chair though - just waiting for her to master sitting up by her self.
Sleeping is coming along.. slowly but surely.
Mollie adores: her brothers, her Dad, nursery rhymes with actions (Row, row, row your boat and The grand old duke of york especially!), snuggling with Otto's special toys and being in bed with me.

Happy half birthday, Mollie. You are very, very loved. (And quite cute too, I must say..)


  1. What a gorgeous, happy little girl Mollie is. I do love the detail on the cardi too :)

  2. Melt!!!! i want one. She is such a pretty little girl.
    Ooo i love the deer on cardi idea.

  3. Happy half birthday Mollie! What a little sweetie!! x