Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mollie's Space (Photo heavy!)

We are, slowly, starting to do some little projects around our new home - and it is, slowly, beginning to feel like our own.

This week, I decided to get stuck into the kids rooms, have a good tidy up and move a few things around. It felt good to pack away a few real baby things - the cot bumpers, some of the toys that are no longer played with, and the mobile went, too, after I took these photos.

Mollie is starting to actually play in her room, rather than just following her brothers into their room all the time. I'll often find her pottering with her books and pulling things off the shelves. Her latest trick is climbing onto the rocking horse, clever little one! She sits and rocks back and forth - she'll be neighing and shouting 'giddy up', in no time!

(How cute is her cardigan? Knitted by the super clever Clare. Amazing!)

One of my favourite features of Mol's room is the wooden kitchen. We've had this since Aesop was 2. It is an ex-preschool one (Pintoy brand, I believe), gifted to us by some family friends.
The second, smaller, unit is a washing mahine, but I've turned it around so it works better as a shop counter. Otto is quite into playing shopkeeper at the moment, so we often grab the Eftpos machine out of the cupboard, find the toy phone, and set up shop.
Making cups of tea is a favourite, too.

This little nook, is where I feed Mollie. We sit here, snuggled up under a duvet, twice a day (or more, if she wakes in the night!). She will usually point to a toy on the shelf, and snuggle with it while she feeds.
The quilt is single bed sized - I made it while I was pregnant with Otto. I have not sewn a yo-yo since, and have no desire to! Haha.

(See that wee stack of wooden plates and bowls? I scored the whole lot for just $2 at the Sallies last week. I pretty much love it.)

I'm trying to surround my family with beautiful, vintage and handmade things. Mol's room is a great example of this - spot the Tiny Eyes doll, the Emmamakes kitten, a Deb quilt and various lovely vintage wool blankets.

A recent addtion to the room has been the tiny cluster of things on the wall. I hope to add to this as I find things - but, for the moment, it is a flower mirror Mol was gifted when she was born, a stunning Holly Hobbie embroidery I thrifted a few weeks back, and the 'M' from Stella's alphabet set.

Lastly, Mollie's bed. She's still not such a huge fan of sleeping here - I don't know why, I would love to have such beautiful bedding!
The vintage 'Love is..' sheet was a gift from my friend Amy, the bunny was made by the talented Helen and the vintage Heidi duvet was a lucky thrift find.

I'd love to paint this room, and change the curtains, but these things will have to wait a bit longer. We have other projects on the go/on the list that take priority!


  1. What a lovely space for a cute wee girl! Love that everything has a meaning or has been crafted/given/opshopped...are have the same mentality.

  2. I have a few Hollie Hobbie things I've gathered from op shops over the years and was just thinking this morning about Jada moving into her own room (next year, when she turns 10) and how I'd probably get rid of her HH things...maybe you'd like them for Mollie?

  3. I LOVE that HH embroidery! My goodness it's beautiful! Love the sheets and the wooden bowls - score! What a lovely room for a lovely lass :) xxxx

  4. I love the space that you've created for her. What a clever mama.

  5. ahh so sweet you find her playing in her room!! (spot Cam&Eleanor too eee)

  6. such a lovely space for your small girl, I love her Heidi duvet

  7. Gorgeous :) Her room really looks great. I am really looking forward to sorting out the girls rooms, once we've cleared the space.
    Also, I am so pleased with her cardi! Looks lovely and good fit :) That colour is sweet on her!

  8. It's gorgeous - i would love spending time in that room too - so much love and care and attention to little details!

  9. OMG I need a Holly Hobbie embroidery now for my Holly!!! How do you find such cool things!

  10. What a colorful and lovely space you have. perfect for playing.