Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Themed Dinner #5 - Minecraft! (With terrible photos..)

(Disclaimer: It is very hard to photograph things in UV light - please forgive the terrible photos! Next time, I promise, I'll google how to do it properly. Hah.)

Our fifth, and final, themed dinner for May was one the boys chose - Minecraft.
It's certainly not a theme I would choose, and this one proved pretty difficult to plan for. I have never played Minecraft, making it hard to know what it's all about, and all the parties I found with this theme online really only had sweet, party foods. I didn't want to serve my kids just candy and watermelon for dinner!

We decided, as always, not to stress too much about sticking to the theme.
We splashed out and bought a UV light at Bunnings, that was to be the main feature of the decor. We picked up some cheap, plastic plates at The Warehouse, and broke out the highlighter pens.
Abraham wrote 'Don't mine at night' on pieces of white paper - so that the message was only really visible once the blacklight was turned on.
(We also ended up drawing all over our hands and arms with the pens - so much fun, to have day-glo tattoos!)
Abraham also made a wee diorama with the Lego, and Aesop drew some of the characters from the game and popped them on skewers. The animal puzzle pieces were a last minute addition by the boys.
We listened to Aesop's collection of Minecraft songs, on his Ipod. Did you know that there are Minecraft versions of lots of popular songs? It's a strange phenomenon.

(That's a square apple on that there pie. Or, at least, it was meant to be.. hmm.)

For the actual meal, I cut up salad into squares (lettuce, carrot, beetroot and cheese - kid salad!) and we had minute steaks and coated chicken drumsticks. We at with our hands - Aesop tells me there is definitely no cutlery in Minecraft!

For dessert I decided not to just serve up whole apples, or other fruit. I decided to make Talia's apple pie. It was DIVINE. (Only thing I'll say, is that if you don't make her pastry.. if you're lazy like me.. then buy flaky pastry, rather than short sweet. It was pretty darn sweet!).

After dinner we played the guessing game, with the little bits of paper stuck on foreheads. The UV light made it a bit fun, and we had a few giggles.
I think perhaps the game would be easier with kids even older than ours, though. Heh. Otto was pretty confused and his questions were 'Is my sister still Mollie?' and 'Is Dad still my Dad?'. Cute.

We've decided on our themes for next month. We hmmed and uhhed about taking a break, but I'm really loving not buying takeout, and also loving the idea that we might be inspiring a few other people to have themed dinners of their own.
Have you dined in theme, lately?


  1. nooo, dont stop!!
    Also, how handsome are your boys??

    (Please tell Aesop we pulled the rest of the dodgey tree house down yesterday and burnt all the rotten bits...we missed his help :))

  2. Oh man I had to do a minecraft cake for my 6yr old last week. FAIL!
    My 10yr old 'helped'. Yeh it was NOT ace! But never mind.. Ho hum!

    I want a UV light! Fun!

    We had fish and chips (homemade) the other night wrapped in seperate newspaper packets. Oh man that was super exciting. the boys were beside themselves. I should do what you're doing. Loving seeing what themes you're thinking up!
    A matariki week is coming up here. We're doing star food for a whole week. (we do that every year)
    Happy days!

  3. I am cracking up at Otto's questions! Looks amaze, you are definitely inspiring me to do themed dinners, looks like so much fun xxx Fiona D

  4. you've totally inspired me, but I'm a bit lazy to put that inspiration into action! I have never heard of minecraft so I have no idea what is going on! But it looks like fun and I must try Talia's recipe soon xxx