Friday, June 14, 2013

Curvy Fashion Friday

I'm on time! Totally doing Curvy Fashion Friday on the right day! Huzzah!

I snuck out into the garden yesterday morning, while the kids were getting ready for school and Mainly Music, and set up the tripod. My lines (yes, I have three different places I hang washing!) were so full of hanging clothing, that there was no way to escape having it in the pictures. I had a wee fiddle on Picmonkey, in hopes of making it less of an eyesore but, really, it's a bit of a reality at the moment.
(I'm sure all of you have houses overflowing with washing, in various stages of done-ness, too. You feel  me, right?)

I'm wearing one of my all time fave dresses, gifted to me by my friend Amy. She has a matching one, in a slightly different colourway. Amazing. It is one of the best fitting dresses I own, and so ridiculously comfortable (very important!).
I'm wearing a homemade cowl, Glassons tights and Number One Shoe Warehouse boots (wish I had bought more pairs - so comfy and so hard to find boots in my size, that I like!).

The kids soon realised I had disappeared, and came looking for me.
'Mum, I need a photo of my tiger!'
Washing and kids.. couldn't sum up my days much better than that : )


  1. you.look.amazeballs. Love your style x

  2. Love this outfit! And Curvy Fashion Friday - love the new title! I realised too late in the series that I'd accidentally borrowed 'Curvy/Boy Style Friday' off Kristin but it seems too late to turn back now #foreheadslap #sorryKristin

  3. Love that dress! You curvy gals have got it going on this week. Gorgeous.

  4. At least your washing is outside! Mine is hung up in various states of dry and folded on clothese-horses and couches. You look gorgeous!

  5. You shine so bright that the world seems black and white in your presence.
    Actually, seriously, the pics look really awesome like that - you're a clever cookie!
    have a lovely weekend gorgeous mama. xx