Friday, June 28, 2013

Mollie's Chair : 14 Months!

14 Months

This month has been a big 'un, for us and for Mol.
This has been the month where walking has become the preferred mode of transport, where words like 'uh-oh!' 'Brubba!' 'Mum' are used in (almost always) the right context, and animal sounds are being conquered. Roooooar!

It has been the month where Mollie has learned how to find her nose, and other peoples' noses. Where she picks up her soft toys, hugs them tight, and pats them gently on the shoulder. Where she can do clever things, like putting the counters into the Connect 4 game, climbing up the onto the kitchen bench (and scaring the heck out of me!), hoping on and off her rocking horse (and making it rock) and eating a pottle of yogurt without assistance.

Her bond with her brothers grows stronger everyday. 'Brubba!'
They, both, now delight in carrying her around the place (she's nearly as big as Otto, so this is quite a feat for him!), sharing their food with her, fetching things for her, and watching out for her when they are playing outside. It warms my heart, so much. Long may it last!

Mol has really become a toddler this month, not just in the walking, but in her behaviour too. Her personality is really coming through (she is as nutty as the rest of us- love it!) and she is now such a part of our family! Grasping onto these days - they are going so fast!


  1. Ung! That was me eating your cute bubba. Couldn't help it...

  2. Gorgeous! And laughing (and agreeing) with Stella's comment! xx

  3. Woah that flew by huh! I'm sure you just had her?! Happy 14 months little Molly. Sweet green cardi too. x

  4. so cute! and love the tights :)