Saturday, June 1, 2013

Curvy Style Friday (Only one day late!)

I finally found some sunshine to take photos in! Huzzah!
In celebration of the teensy bit of sun, I donned my fave vintage dress. It's so rare to find a dress that fits beautifully - especially when you're a larger size (and especially when you don't have a large bosom to match!) - so this has been one of my all-time favourite finds. I'm hoping to get a pattern taken from it, so I can make a few more before Summer.

This brooch is one that belonged to my Grandpa in Wales. He, like me, was a bit of a hoarder. He collected costume jewellery, among other things, and Mum and Dad brought back a few things for me when they visited after he passed away. I don't often wear the pieces, I try to wear soft jewellery while I'm breastfeeding and often have a babe in arms. I do look forward to bringing them out a bit more often in the next wee while, though.

Blue cardi - The Warehouse
Vintage dress - TradeMe
Forest green tights - Glassons (LOVING them, even if some cooler people think they're too 90's!)
Black flats - The Warehouse
Brooch - My Grandpa.

Please excuse my weedy gardens beds - I'm not quite ready to plant them out, and the weeds help to deter the cats from doing their business in our vege patch! Stinky cats!


  1. ach, you are too cute! that dress is too perfect for you - SCORE!

  2. You look amazing! love the dress

  3. Hahahahah. You're WAY cooler than me mate. I'm rocking my maroon ones, but afraid the stripey ones have just got baggy knees and look weird so they are destined to become tights for the girls. Dress looks FAB!


  4. argh stinky cats! I'm thinking of getting a cat just to keep all the neighbours cats out of mine! LOVE the dress! and the tights too, wishing I'd got some green ones now! xxx

  5. hahaha! you make forest green look AWESOME, lady!
    I was actually disappointed with the tights I got - Glassons sizes have ovbiously become more generous because the ones I ordered are saggy-baggy after about 10 minutes of wearing them. boooo.
    also, your hair looks so great atm. love the colour and length.


  6. love the dress..its gorgeous. I love when you find a vintage dress that fits perfectly

  7. Hey hot mama! Love the dress, can't wait to have a go at that pattern for ya! xo

  8. I was also thinking your hair looked great. Need to find myself a vintage dress (a large everywhere one!). I took a photo of me wearing an outfit some time ago to join in with Wardrobe Wednesdays but never quite got there with it.