Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday (late, as usual...)

I'm a day out this week, not tooo bad.
Thanks to Mollie sleeping nearly three hours, yesterday morning was spent photographing and listing bags in the felt shop. All of which was done in my pjs.. something you really don't need to see on the blog!
I decided today would need to make up for it.

I've also had a very negative body image this week, for some reason.
I've been down in the dumps about my lumps, if you will.
It is safe to say I fell off the Weight Watchers wagon pretty quickly.. and it has well and truly left me behind. (Left me exactly the same weight I was too, unfortunately.)
I'm trying ridiculously hard to remind myself it is early days/Mollie is still new/it's hard to lose weight on no sleep etc, but it's exhausting. It's a vicious wee cycle: feel stink-eat to feel better-don't lose weight. And so on and so on. Made a million times worse by my zombified state.
A few semi-decent photos of oneself goes a long way though. I might walk past a window or mirror this afternoon and feel a bit sick, but looking at these photos I feel half okay about my current body. And that's good enough to keep me going for awhile.

Sunglasses - $26
Striped top - Glassons $20
Dress - Glassons $50
Flats - The Warehouse $9
Necklace - Wild Bramble A gift from Abraham : )


  1. I think you look FAB!

    Don't forget, Mamas with newborns need lots and lots of energy, and that energy comes from what you put in = food! You cant make energy from nothing :)

    Keep looking after yourself xx

  2. I think you look fab too! When I'm having one of those days I like to remind myself that there are so many people much bigger than me (bit mean eh?) and it makes me a bit better! It's a hard road when you've got little ones, be kind to you xxx - love the necklace too, what a lovely gift!

  3. TOO CUTE! You are entirely TOO CUTE! I have been having one of those weeks too..make that, the last 6 weeks or so. One day we'll feel awesome and be most excellent role models for our darling girls. For what it's worth, I think you look gorgeous and you would look pretty weird skinny...just sayin' xx

  4. You look amazing! My little guy is nearly the same age as Mollie and I so have those days where I feel stink I can't get into clothes I want to wear! I try to remind myself that it was kinda the same with my 2nd baby and it took a while to get back to how I wanted to be...3rd babies seem to make your body REALLY remember how much sustainance babies need ;)

  5. I have a very similar necklace from the same designer. When I'm wearing it I like to pretend I'm a gangsta: a craft gangsta.

  6. I am feeeeeeeeling you! I'm in exactly the same place/headspace.... Sigh. But you look gorge, which might actually be depressing me more, :-/

  7. You look so amazing! Love the dress and your styling in this outfit!

  8. I'm freaking out about my changing body. I knew it would be hard getting 'fat' again after all the weight I lost but man it's an emotional thing! I always think you look fabulous in these pictures. But give it time and try WW again when you're more ready to commit to it - a wee baby is not going to help that!

  9. YOU LOOK AMAZING, don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise (yourself included !!!), truely you are awesome, keep being you... How's the photography going??

  10. I think you're foxy as! Nice photos.

    Thanks for the necklace credit :)

  11. Ah yes. Post-baby body. What sort of unfairness is that after going through the whole pregnancy / labour thing? It took me a year to feel like myself again, and comfortable in my skin, after Sam was born (he's 13 months). You look amazing in your outfit. Your body is amazing, no matter how it looks, for making babies and feeding those babies and carrying, caring, loving, smiling at, and kissing those babies.