Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The List - Take Two!

A few years back, I made a list of things to do from one birthday to another. I had a great time ticking things off, and managed to complete most of it. It was good to check through it each month and keep things interesting. This year I've decided to do it again!
So, I present you with '28 things to do before I'm 29'.
The things on the list are all (hopefully) fairly attainable. My main goal was to have a bit of fun - and give myself something to blog about, too! But, because it's quite a collection of tasks, I'm going to cheat and  let myself start now even though I won't be 28 until just over a month from now. Such a rebel!

'The List' is as follows:

1. Make myself some undies.
2. Make soy ice cream.  
3. Buy a Diva/menstrual cup.
4. Go on a train.
5. See a roller derby game/match/bout.
6. Sew a 'Crepe' dress.
7. Host a games night.
8. Plant Ottos placenta.
9. Get rid of 1000 things (TradeMe/donate/rubbish)
10. Make 200 sales on Felt (97 to go!)
11. Do a market stall.
12. Visit a farm.
13. Visit Rainbow Springs or Paradise Valley.
14. Change out bedroom curtains.
15. Get a(nother) tattoo.
16. Take a road trip.
17. Go camping.
18. Take a photography course.
19. Plant a Summer garden.
20. Complete Playcentre course 2.
21. Get a bra fitting.
22. Learn to crochet granny squares.
23. Have another blogger meet-up.
24. Find an exercise routine.
25. Sew something for each of my family members.
26. Make sushi and miso.
27. Buy some decent boots.
28. Be kind to myself.

Wish me luck!


  1. luck!! you'll have no problems. I'm not sure that I entirely approve of you starting before your time though... tut tut. Enjoy! xx

  2. oh, #3....wished i'd done it years ago.
    and of course i like #23... :))


  3. Great list, good luck with it! :)
    I, of course, particularly love #25 (and coincidentally love the dress in #6 - they could perhaps be accomplished at the same time? :P)

  4. I'm excited for this list. I think you should combine road trip with #23 and making a bloggers met up in the central North Island that people could travel to. That would be fun - unless we're a bunch of psychos in real life.

  5. I am totally stealing half of these for my own list next year when I return to feeling like a human. It looks like a fun list!

  6. You've totally inspired to to have another go at a list myself. Go you!

  7. That is inspiring... I'm going to have a go myself, my lists are always so serious, like finalise budget, do GST, blah blah blah I'm going to do one like yours, stuff that I imagine you really smile about when you've done it, itstead of just relieved that it's finally done. Go you !!!

  8. I'm just agreeing with Dee on #3. You'll wish you'd done it years ago.