Thursday, August 2, 2012

8 of the things that made up my day.

1.Delicious, chubby babies. (Well, just one actually..)
This wee miss is packing on the pounds and amassing some seriously scrummy rolls.There are not many things in this world that I love more than chunky babes.

2. Washing.
I don't love washing. But I accept it. I am the only person in my house that does it (because I'm so anal about how it must be done - Abraham wouldn't be brave enough to try it!) so it is something I do every single day, without fail. In fact, I do at least three loads a day....
I must confess, I do rather enjoy the satisfaction of bringing in a dry load of washing. It would be nice if that happened a little more often than it does at the moment.

These sort of come under 'washing', I know. But they also enter my life at other times. I fold them, I change them, I rinse and soak them.
We bought new nappies this time round, a different brand than before, and I'm still getting used to them. Mollie seems to like them though, that's the main thing, right?

4. Thrifting.
I have popped into at least one op shop nearly everyday for the past few weeks. It is an addiction, it has been for years now. But you know what? I don't spend money on coffee/visit cafes/smoke. I don't drink wine (at the moment) and I don't buy magazines/make up/expensive clothes. I spend $20-$30 a week filling my house with other peoples junk instead. Haha. SO much better.

5. Orders.
I have been blessed enough though have had a few sales through my Felt store this week. I've had so much fun wrapping each order in vintage wallpaper, and choosing out a business card to attach, before popping them in their postbags. I feel so lucky to have people who want to buy the things I make.

6. Otto.
Today, and last Thursday, Ottos homecarer has been unwell and Otto has spent the day at home with me. It's a hard one for me, because I really look forward to my two days with just Mollie. They are my days where I (usually) manage a little more sewing, and also where I run my errands in town and, sometimes, meet up with a friend for sushi or something.
But these two Thursdays have actually been really choice. Otto is a very cool guy to hang out with. Both boys are actually, when they are separate. It's hard to remember this sometimes, when all they seem to do is bicker and bicker. I need to try harder to spend more one-on-one time with each of them.

7.  Flowers.
My sweet, sweet husband read my blog post yesterday and felt sorry for me. He phoned my fave florist and had these amazing flowers delivered, with a card that says ' Hang in there! I love you, bro xoxo'. Isn't he just the loveliest man? I'm quite fond of him.

8. Feeding.
This is what I'm doing as I type this. It's what I will do, on and off, from now (8pm) until morning.
It is pretty much my main purpose in life at the moment, and fills a large portion of my day. Sometimes I feel okay about this, sometimes I love it, and other times.. well, it makes me feel tired.
It is a stage though, and soon enough it will be over and I will look back and miss it. It is what it is.

Overall though, I feel so stoked with my life today. It is (and I am) far from 'perfect', but I think that's what makes it perfect. If that makes any sense. If it doesn't, well, I'm claiming nappy brain.


  1. <3 I loved this post. totally hear you on the hungry babe, the washing, the bickering brothers etc. like you say, it is what it is and it won't be this way forever. xx

    (also, what nappies are you using this time round?? I just bought some new covers for my 'real nappies' (prefold/pockets) but am wishing I'd got some all-in-ones.)

  2. you are a jolly good sort R. i loved this post :)
    you are so not alone with the all-night-feeding either. i'll think of you tonight in my half-hourly feeds xo

  3. I really loved this post! And Mollie's wrist rolls as she's clinging on and nursing. I died.

  4. I am digging your blog. All the best with breastfeeding. Sounds like a marathon. :)

  5. that card is the cutest! Mollie and Maggie need to have a rolly babe party while you're up - unbearable deliciousness! You are so right though - It is what it is. I remind myself of that in the wee small hours too. Keep on keeping on xx

  6. 1. Mollie is seriously delicious!! NOM!
    2. I want to know more about your washing regime.
    3. What brand did you go with this time?
    4. :) I'm trying to only bring home stuff I really love - my house is full enough!
    5. Woot! You make awesome stuff that's why :)
    6. He looks like a real cool guy! I want noodles.
    7. Awww! Jealous as!
    8. Oh yes. I do love breastfeeding, but it sure is a commitment.


  7. Go cuz, loving life for what it is right now !! Thats what it's all about. You rock !!

  8. Loved this post. You've reminded me quite vividly about life with a new babe :)