Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthday cards and boys.

A year ago, if you had asked Aesop to make a card for someone he would have sulked, and complained. And if you had pushed him to do so, he would have done a basic as drawing and written as few words as humanly possible. It is safe to say that he did not enjoy either drawing or writing.
I am over the moon that Aesop seems to have embraced felt pens, finally.
Aesop is one of those kids, that don't really like to do things unless they KNOW they can do them well. He also avoids anything that could even possibly be considered dangerous. He is not one to try new activities/foods etc and really prefers to do the same things again and again.
It has meant that he is a little 'behind' other kids his age in physical activity and coordination, and also in drawing and writing. Such a catch 22, when you don't want to do it because you're not very good.. but you only get better by practise!
He has made leaps and bounds this year though, in nearly all areas. He has even been on his bike a few times lately (his least favourite activity - involves both doing something he is not super good at, and the danger of falling off!) and is also getting really good at kicking a ball around and punching the boxing bag.
Hooray for coordination, and double hooray for creativity!

Otto loves to doodle.
He makes precise little circles or lines all over the pages of his art book. He carefully selects the colours and concentrates really hard on making his little markings.
Lately we have been practising turning those meticulous little orbs and lines into letters. He has all of the right shapes to form letters, and incredible control over his hand.
So far he has mastered his name.. sort of. Otot is close enough for now : )


  1. awww, your kids are so awesome!! E draws in the same way as Otto, so cute! And what handsome guys too...

  2. Fab :) maybe Aesop would like to make one of those batman drawings for Roald? we would love to recieve post!

  3. What beautiful boys you have Rhiannon! And writing 'Otot' is super cute. x

  4. What fantastic and amazing cards...they will be treasured.

  5. how cheeky is OTOT !!!!! that face !!!