Monday, March 19, 2012

A weekend, and a wedding.

We were lucky enough to spend this past weekend surrounded by love, family and... farmland.
We spent two nights at the Waitawheta camp, which is just out of Waihi but feels like the middle of nowhere, to celebrate the wedding of my Father-in-law, Steve, and his lovely partner Maxine.
The camp is a really neat place, a good old fashioned school camp - dorms with huge long rows of bunks, walls with things like 'G-dawg waz hea 2002'  written on them, and blocks of communal showers. But, along with these things (which I'm not really complaining about, I think they have a certain charm to them!) came incredible old fashioned wallpaper, rows of Readers digest books, a very cool war memorial hall, an obstacle course and all-round great place for a huge family and friends to hang out.
The wedding itself was held at the Waihi Waterlily gardens, which were nearly as stunning as the bridal party.
The nuptials took place on a lovely wee boardwalk, over a pond of waterlillies and were really lovely. Aesop did a smashing job as the ring bearer (despite being verrry nervous about falling in the water, or dropping the ring!) and was proud as punch to don the matching gold tie. Abraham emceed the wedding and reception, and he did wonderfully as well (hooooo-boy he looked good in his bow-tie, too).
I was/am one proud lady.

All-in-all it was so delightful to spend time with family from near and far (amazing to see the boys with their cousins, always makes me feel warm and fuzzy!) and such a privilege to be witness to the joining of two such amazing people. Weddings really are such a wonderful part of life.


  1. Beautiful :-) I love the 'tie' photo and the family shot. Amazing dress you're wearing there. I lurve weddings.

  2. Yay cool I love a good wedding! School camps are great. We got married at one - and we all spent the whole weekend there. So fun. Every year or 2 my whole fams get together at one for a long weekend catch up (I've got 5 siblings and umpteen nieces and nephews!) so I'm going to remember that one that you went to for next time thanks!
    You look lovely - hope you're feeling OK.. The kids look cute.
    Happy days!

  3. Oh, Waitawheta! Many school and scout camps at that place, I'm so glad it's still going.

  4. Wow, I have a lot of family in Waihi. Also was at a wedding this weekend, certainly the weather for it down here!