Friday, March 23, 2012

Barefoot and pregnant.

Today is the first day of true sunshine, after what has felt like a lifetime of wet and muggy days.
I thought I might celebrate the light by taking a few belated Wardrobe Wednesday photos.
On second thought I realised that, actually, maybe it wasn't the best idea - I'm having a home day (with a very cough-y and tired Aesop) with no need to dress up and, frankly, I'm sort of running out of clothes that fit! It's quite a strange feeling when you get down to your last half a dozen items of clothing that you can manage to stretch over your belly.. and even harder when half of those are in the wash due to all the rain!

But, because I'm feeling the urge to document these last few weeks of pregnancy, did anyway.
It is my last one, afterall! And, despite the aches and pains, there are definitely going to be days that I miss having a big ole wriggly bump. There's something ever-so-magical about growing a life inside you. Something completely incomparable to any other experience in life. And something so strange in knowing that it will be the very last time, too. I'm trying very hard to hold back on any complaining, and just treasure this last little stretch for all it is worth.

Brown wool blend skirt- thrifted many moons ago, before having Aesop.
Grey singlet and striped tee - Glassons $10 and $15
Necklace - made by me from old beads and homemade wool pompoms.
Baby bump - just over 37 weeks!


  1. Oh I'm so glad you decided to take part! You look wonderful. Good luck with the tail end of your pregnancy and make sure you treasure every wriggle, kick and squirm!

  2. Such a lovely bump it is too! I tried to enjoy every bit of the pregnancy too, in case it was my last. It quickly gets put behind you once bub arrives, but I still miss feeling those little kicks. :)

  3. Hello! I have not popped in to your blog in such a long time and just came across you again in my old bookmarks--so nice to see you still blogging! Was super excited to see that you are expecting again (I am expecting my second little one around the same time it looks like you are due!). Congratulations and best wishes! Will be popping back in more often again now that I'm getting back in the blogging universe. xx

  4. i know you're 37 weeks and your body is screaming mad at you and you really don't feel fab at all...but you do seriously look gorgeous.
    i'm so excited to see/meet your babe - i can't imagine how bursting you must be! i hope you don't go overdue!
    good on you for recording this.

  5. yOu look great. Yes it's an amazing and unique time! It's worth all the discomfort isn't it!

  6. You look beautiful! everyday seems as long as a month, and then they are here and amazing and you look in wonder at the miracle of life! Hang in there!