Sunday, March 25, 2012

Forgotten treasures.

As part of our mad 'get ready for baby' dash, we recently cleared out our garage.
It was so nice to be ruthless and get rid of things we've been holding onto 'just in case' and to sell a few bits of furniture etc, that really we will never use again.
I looked through some boxes that have been hiding down there since we moved into this house, over three years ago now, and in one of them I found a wee collection of vintage dresses.
These are dresses that were gifted to me some time ago, by a friend who was moving out of town and downsizing. They were her 'op shop pile', if you will. (Can you imagine what her keeping pile looked like?!) I inherited a bunch of other clothing too, but these were the pieces I knew I had to keep. I will never (ever) fit them (most of them are between a 22 and 24" waist..) but I just like to stroke them now and then. That sounds a touch creepy, but somehow I know you will understand.

They look so pretty all freshly washed and blowing in the breeze.

I'd like to say they were the only teensy-tiny-only-for-looking-at vintage dresses I hang onto, but I also have these ones hanging up in our bedroom.. and let's not get me started on my actual wardrobe.. NONE of which seem to fit right now...

I'm so lucky I have such a patient and understanding husband! And, perhaps, even luckily that he has 2000+ records filling up the hallway...


  1. Hee hee yeh I get the bit about holding onto stuff that doesn't fit! It's hard to part with it 'just in case'. Maybe some of these dresses could be inspiration!
    I thought I might hang one of mine on the wall as a reminder after this baby comes out! Trouble is, breastfeeding makes me REALLY hungry!

  2. You sound exactly like me when I was pregnant..and after...I'm only now 9mthd later starting to be able to wear more things as he doesn't feed at night ...which opens up a ton of my vintage dress options! Hanging on my curtain rail in the bedroom would be my best vintage dresses...for stroking purposes!


  3. Oh beautiful... I understand ;) I quite often have to stroke my fabric stash, especially the stuff I can't bring myself to cut. Love finding forgotten treasure.

  4. AHHHHH I want the one with the poppies and the one with the black. They probably wouldn't fit me either :(
    They're gorgeous!