Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A bit of making, and a touch of nesting.

The 'Make my week, baby!' posts have been lacking lately, I know. I'm sorry!
To tell the truth, it's not really because I've not been sewing - just that the making has slowed a LOT since I got out the bags of clothes and things and realised that this babe is going to be need to be changed four times a day to even get through the things in the drawers! Who knew one family could have so many teensy outfits?
I have focused my crafting on a few slightly 'girlier' items, because those are the things we are lacking in after having two boys. I'm still fairly convinced that this wee bundle will be of the male variety too, but I want to have a few 'pretty' things just in case.
I made two more of the little peasant style dresses - this time in lovely quilting fabrics from Spotlight. Last time we were there the floral caught my eye, and I couldn't leave it behind, despite the $18/m price tag! Luckily this project takes less than 1/2 a metre, because that is all I could justify buying!

The wee cloths and hooded receiving towels (backed in the matching cottons) are inspired by the lovely Dee and her Birthnotes series (Go! Read it all! That woman is amazing!).

(I've been sewing other things too - but that will have to wait a wee while to be revealed. )

(Dress by the amazing  Hikkepik on Felt. Abraham got it for my for Xmas - juuuust in case!)

With only about 3 weeks of pregnancy left, my energy levels are starting to wane. We've had a very, very busy month and I'm ready now to just relax and wait for the next chapter to begin (one more thing on this weekend, then *breath out* relax!). It is amazing how time can seem to both fly and drag both at once. I feel like I still have a big list of things to get done in the next 21 days, but also that I simply cannot wait to wrap my arms around the new one, and breathe in a great big sniff of that amazing newborn smell.

In the mean time, I just sneak into the nursery every day and sit in the nursing chair, and imagine.


  1. love the patch work blanket hanging over that chair! Delish! Hope the nest few weeks treat you well beautiful Mama xx

  2. All so gorgeous.....Love the wee dress tops...Is that a Hikkepik dress?

  3. YOu're amazing finding the energy/time to make all those cute things. I can see why you got smitten with that floral.. so cute!
    Yes nothing quite like the smell of newborn and a fuzzy head nestled under your chin.
    Take care and hope next 3 weeks are relaxing as poss!

  4. oooh, it all looks so yummy! come on little Crouton baby!!

  5. So clever!

    That bike mobile goes strong.

    Annnnd I'm glad you like the dress.

  6. Ive said this are SO talented and I don't know how you fit it all in..housework, 2 kiddies, pregnant, sewing and everything! Amazing! Your house looks cute too, love your decorating:) Do you have your own studio? I would LOVE an extra room to fit all my fabrics and craft/paint gear..we have only 2 bedrooms and its a squeeze:) Where do you work from?