Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

After a loooooong night, including a trip to A&E with Otto (along the usual three million bathroom trips), I find myself even more tired than usual today. Otto is still a wee bit out of sorts today, and is battling a high temp, so I kept BOTH kids home today. (I'm not entirely sure how I thought that would make for a more relaxing day, but it is safe to say I was wrong! )
Anywho, here is my 'staying-at-home-with-one-sick kid-and-one-who-should-have-gone-to-school' outfit. It's far from glam, I feel a little silly posting it, but I've got to get back in the 'game' somehow!

Cardigan - Glassons - $30
Stripey top - Glassons - $15
Blue skirt - Salvation Army $4
Blue flats - The Warehouse $10 (I think..)
Brooch - Croutons (Moi!)
Bump - 35 weeks!

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  1. I think you look pretty fantastic, especially for after a dramatic night and with a sick kid. I love the stripes with the blue skirt and shoes :) Jenny

  2. love it, you and your bump are looking good!I especially the fabric backdrop :)

  3. You look gorgeous! The outfit rocks (including the beautiful bump). Oh and if only I could climb through my monitor and rummage through all that fabric... Bliss!

  4. You always look so great. The brooch is awesome and I am feeling way better about the size of my stash!! ;-) Love those shelves of fabric and hope the household gets better soon xx

  5. Love the outfit! I never wear skirts at home...its usually trackies or shorts;) Super un-styley. Having sick kids is so not cool:( hope you stay well!
    All that fabric in the back...woah! Looks like my stash...except yours looks super'v just inspired me to get all my fabric out of the shed and onto shelves..where did you score these nice metal ones from!?

  6. Wardrobe wednesday.....!!!! I think this post should be titled mammoth fabric stash uncovered Friday! Crikey I thought I had a haul! P.S big loves to un-well bebs a a tiny one for your puku hehe

  7. Welcome back to you! I love your brooch and the stripes - man if I had sick kids it would be PJ bottoms and a holey tee-shirt (but mayhaps I should not be admitting that). Also loving the wall of fabric - so pretty. x

  8. Can't believe you have time no, energy to do this post! But nice outfit and thanks for sharing!