Thursday, July 1, 2010

List update for June.

About time I updated this! Still slowly plodding my way through but feeling confident about completeing most things!

1. Fit into my favourite summer top. - Maybe Summer for this one. Being done with breastfeeding will help though.
2. Sew myself at least one DRESS. - Done!
3. Knit myself a cardigan I love. - Not feeling confident about this one. Just seems like such a huge long project.
4. Make Abraham a hoodie. - Done! Pictures coming soon.
5. Start sewing to sell again.  - Started this month!
6. List GIANT pile of thing on Trademe. - Have starting the photographing.
7. Print the majority of our photos. - have printed about 1/6th of them.. getting there!
8. Plant a vege garden.Done in februrary Yay!
9. Go to the movies. - Done in March
10. Back up our photos on hardrive/ preserve fruit, make jam.   Done in April.
11. Start blogging again. 01/01
12. Get business cards. - Made my own in June!
13. Buy 2 pairs of decent shoes. - No progress on this one.
14. Take Aesop to the zoo. - Next weekend! Yippeee!
15. Send (at least) 2 parcels to Amy. - done.
16. Finish at least 2 duathlon type events. - Done!
17. Sort out entire garage. - Done in April! With thanks to Abraham!
18. Finish yoyo quilt. - Chipping away at it.
19. Earn $1000 through sewing. - $140 to go!
20. Have a bbq/dinner with over 10 people. - This one is in the planning stages.
21. See some live music. - Done Feb.
22. Save over $1000/ have an outdoor movie night - Will be for my birthday in Sept.
23. pay off our laptop and buy a new camera. -
24. Sew 10 garments for the kids.
25. Knit Aesop a jumper. - Have knit the body, arms still to go.
26. Make the mix cd to end all mix cds. - Nope. But I have begun the list.
27. Cover the cushions on the window seat. - Still waiting to buy a new couch so we can decide what colours they will need to be.
28. Get away for a night without the kids! - Now that breastfeeding is over and done with this is looking like it might happen sooner thatn I thought! Will let you know.
29. Get mentioned in a magazine. - Nope. 
30. Make most of the gifts we give (this year). - A bit of a continuous goal this one. But going really well.

The no-pants mission is going slightly less awesome, have worn my jeans out of the house 3 times since my last list update. Whoops. Once it was pouring with rain, once when we went to the hotpools at night time and it was just easier, and once when it was freezing and somehow every pair of tights I owned was in the wash. Sometimes you just can't beat the 'easiness' of pants, especially in Winter.

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  1. i've been breastfeeding for 3 years my boobs don't fit into anything !!! buttons constantly popping undone so I can relate to number 1