Sunday, July 4, 2010


This time last weekend I was running around like a mad woman, preparing for Otto's wee birthday celebration.
We decided, with my parents away, and with it being a first birthday and Otto not really even knowing what was going on, we would just have a few family members over to eat and be merry.
I kept the food pretty simple too (and asked everyone to bring a little something to add to the spread). I whipped up a HUGE pot of curried pumpkin soup, served with bacon and coconut cream. So, so tasty and always a winner. I also made pesto and cheese pinwheel scones and, for the first time, these simple bread rolls. I usually have issues with yeasty baking, but these turned out a treat.
I made my usual chocolate cupcakes with chunks of Whittakers dark in them, and some light and fluffy lemony goodness in the the form of these.
By the end of the day I was full as a bull and our little men, who are both all about the food, deemed it a success. And that's the most important thing, huh?


  1. looks ace!! Happy birthday, Otto!!

  2. Oh man I want all that food to GET IN MY BELLY. It looks delish. And in my humble opinion, pretty much everything tastes awesome with a bit of whittakers dark thrown in. Could I possibly pretty please ask for that pumpkin soup recipe?

  3. i would like that pumpkin soup recipe too :) the table looks beautiful, love the little bunch of flowers, happy birthday otto x