Saturday, July 3, 2010


( Yes, the 'J' in the top picture is round the wrong way, only in the picture though, I swear!)

I love the idea of using every possible inch of the fabric that I buy. Obviously this is easier said than done, it's hard to find time and also often hard to find projects that use the really small pieces. But it's great fun trying!

I started these magnets (from this tutorial, check out her other tutes too.. so great!) as a birthday present for Otto. He loves to chew on the plastic ones but they are quite small and I worry about him crawling around with one in his mouth. But then one day rolled into the other and they weren't ready in time for either his party OR his actual birthday, but you know what? I don't think he minds too much, he was happy just to pull them off the fridge and give them a good chew, not worrying which day it was.

Coincidentally, Clare was asking yesterday for ideas of things to make using scraps of fabric so I thought I'd make a wee list of things I like to make with mine, and also a few things I have on the 'to do' list.

I cut then majority of my small scraps into 1 1/2" strips, to use for string quilt blocks. I use the blocks to make bags and also quilt tops (well, technically I have only made 2 quilts and 6 bags, but still...). I love the way the colours work together and how the diamonds form.
I have also made a fair few metres of bunting with some of the larger scraps, about 300 yoyos for a nearly-finished (sort of) yoyo quilt, a dozen or so fabric xmas balls, and things like camera cases.
That said, I do have two 100 litre containers full of offcuts awaiting a purpose. These are just a few of the things I would love to attempt with them:
* Fabric envelopes  I found this tutorial just this week, I think these would make great gifts.
* Counting bean bags Cute! Always good to have presents for boys up ones sleeve.
* Fabric book Would be easy to customise for the child etc, and also good for boys.
* Baby shoes- 'nuff said.
* Very, very cute finger puppets.

You should also check out the Scrap-happy group on Flickr, full of wonderful ideas. Happy scrapping!


  1. Thanks for those links, those fabric envelopes have just been added to my to do list!

  2. Love the magnets, so cool. And I'm definately going to have a go at those string quilts, I looked up a tutorial and they don't look as scary as I imagined! x

  3. Using up scraps is so satifying isn't it, the hoarder on me can never bear to throw even the tiniest bits away.. and lots of great suggestions to use them up here!

    I keep all the tiny bits I trim off seams etc when making quilts and other sewn stuff in a little box by my machine. It makes perfect stuffing for toys (and even contributed to stuff the pouffe I just finished) Satisfying indeed :)

  4. I love those magnetic letters! Especially the idea of putting the magnet INSIDE the letter, where it can't be pulled off and swallowed. Where did you get your magnets from?