Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday.

Let's not speak of my absence. Let's just pretend it never happened, okay?
It's Wednesday. The perfect day to jump right back into Wardrobe Wednesday. So here I am.

From head to toe:
HUGE hair - not really sure. New shampoo?
Brooch - Croutons. (free)
Top - NESclothing. ($120. A million times more than I'd usually spend, but has been worth every penny.)
Grouchy child, who weighs a tonne but won't let me put him down (and is, somehow, smiling in this picture?!) - a nasty ear infection and a virus. (free, unfortunately.)
Skirt- Salvation Army  ($3)
Happy Shoes - The Warehouse. ($6)

So, I'm a week ahead of everyone else who is getting back on the WW wagon. But you should join in next week! It'll be grand!


  1. like I said, you are awesome. now to get out of my trackpants.....

  2. Gorgeous! I'd better get a move on then...

  3. hurrah! you were missed x
    lovin your croutons brooch...mmmm~

  4. Hooray!! Looking fabulous, as usual :)

    I'll join the gang again next week, todays look is very unsuitable indeed (think preggo on a cold day...eek!)