Monday, May 23, 2011

The state of things.

Is it just me, or is thrifting really hard at the moment? For the last few weeks (or even months?) I have barely found a thing, which is mighty unusual for me. My bank account has been happy about it, especially with the recent price hikes at the Sallies, but my materialistic/bargain hunting soul just craves the goods.
Luckily, last week I was able to get my fill.

 (From the $1 rack. It needs a little altering, the front facing is too high, and too tight.)

 (Also from the $1 rack, I had planned to reconstruct it to fit Aesop, but Abraham has adopted it.)

I spent a grand total of $15. That is more than I would usually spend in one trip to the oppies, but I feel like I got a good amount of stuff for my money.
Stuff.. hmm.. I think Abraham would substitute that word for 'junk', and I would probably use the word 'treasure'. Ha.


  1. the fabric of that first dress is amazingly gorgeous. I can't believe it was on the $1 rack?! I haven't had much luck thifting lately either. makes me a little sad in my heart.

  2. We have the same junk/treasure confusion in our household, but I figure my 'treasure' accumulating doesn't hurt anyone, and so I do it with reckless abandon.

    P.S. I especially like that suitcase and the red stripey dress. Good score.

  3. it's the economy, everyone is discovering what we already knew, that op shops are amazing

  4. I think all of that for $15 is amazing! It's good to see you can still get bargains in NZ :) And they are definitely treasures! I'm especially in awe of the embroideries and fabric in the last photo. And the blue suitcase! Great treasure hunting!

  5. i've been banned this year from picking up things from the hard rubbish collection which is on at the moment :(

    ps - i made, loved and posted your lemon & sourcream cake ! delish