Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A reaction and the reaction to the reaction.

There was no rash. No scratching, itching or days of complaining.
Otto just woke up one morning and decided he HATES wool. He despises it like nothing else. I tried to dress him in it he screamed and thrashed around, like I was trying to harm him. After that, the reaction is the same even at the sight of it. He is, somehow, so traumatised that even acrylic jumpers get the no-go.

This posed a slight problem for me. You see, I spent the Summer amassing a huge collection of handknitted jumpers. And whipping up recycled wool pants, too. I think the boy had a total of nearly 20 wool or acrylic garments in his drawers! I had focused so much on the knits that I hadn't really bothered to stock up on anything else.

So the 'operation replacement' sewing has begun. I've got quite a few things done, but there's a way to go.
Want to see? Who am I kidding? Of course you do, it's a blog! Here you go:

There are a few others, but they're lost somewhere in the washing system. Isn't it darn near impossible to get on top of washing at this time of year? Guess that's one benefit to the war against wool.. far less handwashing!


  1. Man, you are just a whiz when it comes to sewing knits my friend. You use an overlocker right? All that stuff is super awesome! Love x

  2. lucky my sons can't read blogs....or they'd wish you were their mother instead of their own 'can't-sew-knit-fabric, just-dumb-dolls' mother!! inspirational! X

  3. You.are.amazing. And Dee, I can so relate. And my skills are far less useful.

  4. I love them all, how clever are you? They are amazing, lucky little boys.