Tuesday, September 7, 2010

While I'm at it..

Since I seem to rarely make my way here, I thought I would show you pictures of a few little things I've made for Otto recently.

This jumper, that I made a few weeks ago, used to be a women's vest and jersey. I managed to whip it up one day while Otto was having his nap, and am quite pleased with how it turned out. (The few I tried before this were disasters which is why I sound surprised!)
After I'd sewn the wee top I felt like it was missing something. But luckily I found the perfect addition- a 'Ben10' alien from one of Aesop''s drawings. Aesop was well stoked and Otto seemed to think it was okay too.

Otto's 'pants' drawer, at the moment, mostly consists of 'Tiny Happy' pants (that Melissa kindly made for Aesop when he was little) and Mama made wool-sleeve-pants. There are a few other things in there but they never seem to actually get worn. Between the cuteness of the wee elastic waist, big-bummed, big pocket pants and the practicality of the sleeve pants, there's very little need for anything else. Unfortunately, Melissa doesn't make kiddies pants anymore. So I've begun the process to figure out how to make excellent boy pants myself. These two are the first attempts and I'm pretty happy with them, loving the fold down cuffs on the owl ones... still got a bit of tweaking to go though.
(On a side note, my friend Karina just opened her Felt store. She definitely doesn't need any tweaking to her pants pattern - they look amaaazing! )

Lastly, a good old t-shirt pattern. I've given up trying to use commercial patterns for the kids t-shirts, they never seem to look quite right. So, instead, I've gone the less-ethical-much-easier route of buying a t-shirt that fits well and cutting it up to trace round. I'm more than happy with the result and will be doing the same with a tee for Aesop.
Now to make a pattern for the '90 minute shirt', buy the 'Sandbox' pattern for Aesop's pants then our Summer styles will be set and it'll be time to start sewing!


  1. Lucky kids! I wish I had such sewing talent, fortunately I seem to be increasing the loveliness of El's wardrobe (and mine now, yay!) through craft swaps, sweet!

  2. You're so clever. I need to motivate myself to do some more stuff for the boys. x

  3. i love it all! the vest (with awesome alien) is great and the pants - adorable. i think i may have to try some wee elastic, big bummed pants for milo (he's big but with short legs...so making pants for him is almost a must).

    that's a lot of sewing!