Saturday, September 11, 2010

This week in pictures (and some words..)

The weather this week has been pretty dismal. I know, I shouldn't really complain. Afterall, we're not having ground shaking earthquakes.. a bit of rain and a few dark clouds is nothing much to moan about!
But it has meant a quiet, home-based sort of a week for us. Lots of book reading, toy-playing, and general mucking around.

The overall mood of the week hasn't been helped much by me having a very sore arm.
On Monday, I went and got the Jadelle implant (contraceptive implant) put in my arm. I knew it was going to be a bit painful, it is an incision afterall, but I didn't realise how tiring the whole thing would be.
It's feeling pretty okay now, the bruising is healing up and it only hurts when I accidentally knock it. (I put photos on Flickr off the healing process- might not be too 'attractive' but thought it might be informative.)
I've had mixed reactions from the people I've told about it. Mostly intrigue from people who've never heard of it, a few squirms from people who don't like thought of it, and the odd person who thinks the whole thing is just plain wrong.
I tend to lean towards the squirm-ish side, but unfortunately the meds I'm on for my epilepsy interact with just about everything else (and this, but to a lesser extent) so I wasn't left with many other options. Does anyone else have one?

Luckily, because I'm a material girl (living in a material world), a few of my days were brightened by some new additions to the house.
Aesop has been doing a bit of art at school lately and I'm so stoked. He's not big on drawing or painting so I'm well impressed that he's been bringing home some creations for me. This monster is one of my favourites so far.
The doilies were an early birthday present from my dear, dear friend Rachel. They were made by the grandmother of a friend of hers, in the 1950's and are absolutely lovely. I'm going to have to think of something really special to do with them.
The zips and thread were a colourful haul from the Sallies. I rarely find decent amounts of thread, and have never found invisible zippers so I was really happy to bring these home with me! Retail therapy maybe not be an 'official' cure for feeling stink, but it sure seems to help!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. my midwife mentioned that contraceptive to me. i remember nodding and uh-huh-ing and had forgotten all about it! hope it does the job ok :)

    ps i totally think the monster needs to be a softie. oohhh yeah!

  2. Love all those zips and thread! great to brighten your day.

  3. Ouchies! That thingee on your arm looks mamae! Totally agree with the above comment about making Aesops' monster into a softie xx

  4. Loving your zips, thread and doilies - those are my fav sorts of things.

    Ouch re: the contraceptive thing. Never heard of it before... and don't need to worry about that sort of thing now ;)

  5. We women go through such a lot for good contraception at times, I too was on anti-epileptic meds and had a terrible experience with the unreliability of the pill...long story. But depo shots did work (though had to have them every 2mths not 3), and since my peculiar epilepsy was pretty mild, I was able to come off the EADs when pregnant, and hey presto, pregnancy seems to have obliterated the seizures...but if I was needing EADs again I think even the irritation of surgery and recovery would be better than the awful uncertainty of other options. Hang in there and I hope it is all worth it!