Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

It's that time of the week again! Man, time seems to fly at the moment. I plan a million blog posts in my head but the only one I seem to manage regularly at the moment is this one. I figure this is the most important.

Clare and I, when this whole this started about a month ago, thought starting Wardrobe Wednesday would be a great idea to get everyone inspired, and enthused, enough to dress 'nice' at least one day a week. We hoped that it would be a great excuse to get out of our 'Mum' clothes (you know, or pyjamas as the case may be some days..) and put some effort in, even just for one day.
It's, mostly, working for me! How's it working out for you guys?
Today's outfit is still pretty casual but I think the necklace and the skirt print save it from being too boring.
The thermal and singlet are from Glassons, the tights from Farmers and the flats from the Warehouse. Despite the stink quality sometimes, I just can't afford to get my 'staples' from other places.
The necklace was given to me, along with about 6 others, by a friend of my Mum. She used to wear them in the 80's and thought I might like to take them apart and re-use the beads. My response was along the lines of "Are you kidding?!" and I happily gave them a home with my other jewels.
The skirt was a Salvation Army find. It was a bit longer than this and a little more billowy at the top (it was wider at the top than the bottom? Strange.) so I fixed that up and voila! Cute.
I've made a few of these elastic waist skirts lately, inspired by Melissa's, and while they're not super flattering on my, erm, ample figure, they sure are comfy! Will try to take some photos for a post later in the week.

If you're keen to play along with our little Wardrobe game, pop over to Clare's place and post your link in the comments. We'd love to have you.


  1. You have the most wonderful skirts! Love it!

    With you on the staples from chain stores, I'd love to be rich & powerful enough to buy everything from gorgeous NZ designers & manufacturers, but right now I'm not!

    I'm loving having something to motivate me to think about how I can wear all the lovely things hiding in my wardrobe :) After initially being really unimpressed that my post-Jarvis body looks rubbish in jeans, I've now decided it's just a really good excuse to wear pretty dresses, that do actually suit me!

    I'm about to finish one off this afternoon that I'm making from a 1969 pattern I dug up in a second hand's a size 16 pattern & I don't really know how to alter a pattern, so my next task is some pretty extreme alterations ;) Hopefully it won't suck, and will be the star of my blog next Wednesday!

  2. you look great and love the beads

  3. I'm all about the cheap staples too. In fact my wardrobe mostly consits of Glassons, K-mart, the Warehouse, no1 shoes etc etc. I mean it's rare enough that I get to buy myself anything anyway without having to save up just to buy a $50 singlet or something...

  4. Great post! Love the skirt, they just don't make prints like that anymore huh! I think pretty much everyone gets their staples from those places...I know I do! Necklace goes great with the skirt :)

  5. brave woman wearing necklaces with the little hands around !!

  6. yes, even though I haven't been putting pics up lately, WW has definitely inspired me to make more effort!

  7. I love your style!! I haven't joined in yet because I'm always in my casual mummy clothes!! Will have to try oneday.