Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday #2

This was not the outfit I wanted to wear for Wardrobe Wednesday this week. No sirree, yesterday I had one a pretty dress/cardi/flats combo that was all set to grace this page and wow the world (or something), but I somehow forgot to photograph it. So you get todays outfit instead.
Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike this outfit, it's just not as 'put together' as I want the internet to think I look. Maybe that's a good thing? Maybe being 'real' sometimes is just as important?
Anyway, this is what I am wearing today while I hang out at home, do the school runs, vacuum the floor, deal with the non-sleeping child (who really wanted to be in the photo) and, hopefully, fit in a spot of sewing.
The shoes are my current favourites. I love how fun they are, I rarely find fun shoes in my size. They're from The Warehouse and were a whopping $18. Can't beat it.
The scarf is thrifted. I love how delicate and almost lacy it is. I'm usually a 'big and chunky' accessories sort of a lass so this is a nice contrast.
The top and the skirt are, believe it or not, two of the most expensive items of clothing I own. They don't look very flash, but they're both made by NZ designers which makes them pricier than my usual opshop/Glassons garb.
The top is by Nes Clothing and  doesn't look like much but is the best quality top I have ever worn. I'd pay the money again and again for this top.
The skirt is a tricky one. I bought it from the Nelson store 'Go Clothing' just after I started losing weight post-Aesop. I had to layby it for two months to pay it off, and then got it home and realised it is really hard to style. I can't figure out, other than black and charcoal, which colours could possibly go with both beigey pink and khaki green.
I've just never felt very 'hot' in it, a bit like a skirt version of trackpants. It was also a funny length and I thought that might be putting me off, but shortening it hasn't made me feel any more confident in it. Perhaps the pockets are too far apart, broadening my hips/thighs too much? Any ideas? Either way, it is still very comfy and I'll wear it around the house for many years yet.. I need to get enough wear out of it to justify the price afterall!


  1. What lovely shoes! I haven't been wearing shoes in my two wardrobe wednesday pics so far ;) Looking lovely, I especially love your scarf!

  2. I love this outfit! Beautiful top, classic and good quality are always good things to spend money on. I think the skirt is AWESOME. Love that it has a basic shape but really cool details. I do see how it could be hard to match with though (even though I love what you're wearing there already and personally I'd only ever wear it with black or whatever cos I'm a bit boring). I imagine a top kind of like your shoes because it has the same sort of tones with the pink and green-y but any patterned top that picks out the colours without being too matchy-matchy would be good. Those sorts of things are usually summer tops though I guess.

    Anyway I think the whole things is great. I love the colours of the clothes, the scarf keeps it from being too dark, and the shoes rock it.

  3. I die for those shoes. so cute! I totally know what you mean with the skirt too... I have a few items of clothing that are like that, especially tops that I put on and can't help but feel like a juggernaut in or skirts that make me look really frumpy. yeah.

  4. cuuute! that scarf and those pockets are adorable!
    (i was wondering if babies count as part of the wardrobe?? certainly has seemed like it around here this last week!! :) )

  5. I love those shoes! And the scarf! Your outfit looks great. I try to buy NZ made whenever I can, too... can't beat the quality. I remember back in the day, everything at Glassons used to be made in NZ as well... sigh. Wish it still was.

  6. This is your hanging out at home outfit? Um, yeah I'm totally still in my jammies... I love this outfit, and those shoes are supreme! Why didn't I see them when I bought my boring old grey ones! Mind you, I got mine for $8, so I guess we both win...

  7. Nice! I love the shoes too. You look great :)

  8. cool skirt design - and I love the shoes and have some too! mine are more reddy and I love them - someone told me the other day they look like 'walking spring'...cute hey!

  9. you look fantastic love the skirt suits you

  10. I can verify that the outfit the day before was super duper hot.

    This one right here is lovely too. You're such a good looking woman Rhiannon. Thanks for being nice xx