Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I love collections of things. I love they way they look, all clustered together. But do you know what I love the most about collections? How, often, they seem to just grow by themselves. You'll pick something up at an opshop, or be given something, and then you suddenly start to accumulate them left right and centre.

These are some of my favourite groups in my house. The tins seem to have gathers themselves, the white vases were mostly my Nana's. The records and robots are Abraham's, he will often receive a robot for Christmas or a birthday but these days they don't always make it to the cabinet. Two of the dolls (there are actually four) were my sisters when she was little and I always loved them just as much as my more modern Barbies and Sindys. The fabric, crafty bits and clothing are constantly being added to, although not being subtracted from much at the moment, unfortunately.

I wonder what my next collection will be. Let's hope it is not radio stations.


  1. I love the Jesus and Marys!! I have Jesus and Marys around our house!! I love them. Mostly Mary. She always seems so calm ...

  2. My Grandma who passed away a few years ago had a white swan vase just like that one. I don't know where it ended up :o( Thanks for posting the pic, it brought back some happy memories for me!

  3. aye shayy.. i love photos of collections! they're my fav, i could look at them for days. I want a book that is just a bunch of pictures of collections and their collectors and maybe a few words about what things they like about their collections. just like what you've done :)

    "Rewind Collectah"