Sunday, August 15, 2010

List #27 - Cover the cushions on the window seat.

When my Grandpa moved into the nursing home, a few years ago, I inherited a lot of the things from his little unit. I gave a new home to lots of kitchen stuff (Crown Lynn, Tupperware, vintage teacups.. oh my!), plenty of old linen and quite a bit of furniture. I also took home a few things that weren't my 'style' in hopes of re-purposing them, or revamping them. One of those was a pile of old cushions.

The cushions were pretty holey and grubby, but they were those nice big ones that you just can't chuck out. Unfortunately they came home and were put straight on the window seat and I didn't seem to get round to making covers for them. The biggest reason (other than procrastination!) have been that I've just never found the right fabric to match with our couches and our, dearly loved, patterned carpet.

Luckily, last week I hit the fabric jackpot  at the Sallies. I got (amongst other gems) three large pieces of unused, upholstery-weight, retro fabric in colours that PERFECTLY match our lovely carpet. It was a sign.
So I un-picked the original covers and made a pattern. I also took out the piping and zips and then sewed up some new ones. Inspired by Melissa's latest post, I also sewed a vintage doilies on top. Lovely.

Looks a little like my measuring/tracing skills aren't quite up to scratch as all three covers are a tad big, but I'll remedy that in another three years or so...


  1. Perfect! I do love a good before and after...

  2. looks like they came out fantastically. gotta love doilie-embellished cushions.

  3. gorgeous. did you ever see the old nelson airport carpet? now that was a sight to behold. love the doilies x

  4. I love love the doilies, such a cool feature. By the way, its good to see a new post, I have been checking in from time to time, its my fav way of keeping up to date with whats happening in your world these days

  5. I love them, so nice to finally get around to doing something that has waited so long. I've got a chair waiting for a makeover, not sure how long it will be waiting!

  6. these are so nice rhiannon! i think your grandpa would be pleased too. x