Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wip erm, Thursday.

Alot of works in progress this week.
It's been a funny old week so far, I feel like I've achieved precisely nothing! But that's not entirely true, it's more that I just don't have many finished products to show for myself.
I have a nearly finished doll for a certain someones birthday this weekend, a huge stack of triangles cut out for another certain someones wedding bunting and a few steps made towards Aesop's birthday plans.
Oh, and then there's a slightly chubbier baby (who can now pull himself to standing in his cot!), an ever-so-slightly smaller belly, tidier kitchen cupboards, a few scrummy dinners, a dozen loads a washing and a couple of great scores from the op shop. Not too shabby after all.


  1. Not too shabby at all! It's amazing us mamas get anything crafty done at all with all the washing/feeding/cooking and playing we do in a day! Can't wait to see the bunting - I love bunting :)

  2. definately not too shabby. I'd love to have the time to get sewing done let alone the vacuuming, catching up on the washing and cooking dinner. Lucky I have a helpful hubby and I can internet whilst feeding!