Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scrapping it out.

I have a fair amount of fabric. Anyone who has been to my house will tell you that.
I keep my fabric sorted into knit/woven, sizes and then colours. Pieces that are knit go in one corner and woven goes on the other side of the room. Wovens are sorted into pieces that are big enough to use for more than one hood lining (they go on the shelf), pieces that will only do one lining (into one 60l container) and then pieces not big enough to line even one (they go into another 60l container).
Where am I going with this? Well.. as you can tell, the sorting of my fabric is all done around hoods. And the pieces of fabric too small for that very rarely get used, or even looked at! I have decided that that really needs to change.
Solution? Quilty bags! I made these three bags this week and have plans to make a few more. I used my basic bag pattern, added some batting for structure and voila! They use up all those lovely little scraps that are far too awesome to throw out but yet have no real purpose in life. They look pretty dandy too, if I do say so myself.
I have plans for other scrap-using-upping projects too, but for now I'll try and take some better photos of the bag and, depending on what kind of feedback they get, they'll either be listed in my Felt or my Etsy this weekend.


  1. These look great. You are such a neat and tidy seamstress :)

  2. They look fantastic... I am very much in love with the grey/black one and the beige one. I really need to come up with some creative way to use up all my scraps too.

  3. Good grief-when I first saw the post title I thought you'd taken up scrap-booking! You had me worried for a minute there xx

  4. umm... seriously, you made these!??
    they are awesome.
    that is all.