Sunday, February 14, 2010

# 21- See some live music.

There is not often much going on in Whakatane. No bands really tend to come and play here, the 'club' scene consists of  about 6 pubs/bars that always feel like they are either full of old people, barely-eighteen year olds or very rough and ready people. The one 'street feastival' we did have has been cancelled for the past two years due to lack of funding and this year it is running but has only two weeks advertising and we're busy that night anyway.
Needless to say, every year when 'Jazz in the park' comes round half of Whakatane jumps at the chance to sit, watch some live music and drink a few beverages. It's very child-friendly and picnic-friendly and both times I have been the music has been excellent.
This year Tauranga band Kokomo played. They were a very cruisy sounding jazz band with funky covers and a few originals and great instruments such as the washboard. The lead guys voice sounded just like Van Morrison when he was talking, and pretty good when he was singing too.
We didn't get to stay too long, the kids needed dinner (we weren't organised enough to take a picnic after a long day in Rotorua, but thanks to Donna and Lee who shared their nibbles with us!) and bed. But we did manage a few dances and have plans next year to make more of a night of it!


  1. Hey! Anytime you get to sit outside and listen to music and eat picnic food sounds like a good time to me ;)

  2. Apart from a few things, it was a great night aye? Glad you could tick something off your list.

    Can't wait for next year!