Saturday, February 20, 2010

List #8- Plant a vege garden.

I planted my vege garden this week. Well, technically I planted two gardens. does that mean I can cross number 8 off twice?
With thanks to my friend Lee for building me a raised bed, and my friends Kelly and Josh for the soil, I finally have what will, hopefully, be a successful wee patch of vege-growing goodness. I have doused the soil in blood and bone, scattered handfuls of fertiliser and dug in litres and litres of organic compost. I even have chicken wire covers for both places to keep the stinky cats out while the plants establish! Green fingered super gardener ahoy!
I thought I would start of simple and I have planted broc, cauli and lettuce. I also have marigolds planted around them to keep the bugs away and have borage and what might be a pumpkin plant thanks to Aunty Christine. (Oh, and a rhubarb plant from Rachie!). I'm most excited to see what else I can find to grow.

Now to plan some serious handstitching so I have an excuse to sit and watch the back episodes of nz gardener!


  1. congrats of crossing it off your list!!1 i harvested my firts carrot form my garden last night and had them for tea SOOO satifying

  2. It's looking good Rhiannon, well done.

    Hope Aesop takes you up on the 10c per white moth scheme.

    And farrrr, whoever shovelled that soil into that box must have been awesome.