Friday, June 10, 2011

Piles and piles.

I have intended to write about 5 different posts this week. I've written them in my head, taken the photos, even started drafts for some of them.. it just hasn't happened for me.
The main reason I haven't blogged is because my life has been taken over by piles. Not the nasty ones that seem to prey on pregnant women, but the ones that seem occupy most of my waking hours.
Some of the towers are plesant ones, the op shopped treasures, and the sewing projects I've managed to actually finish. But other, especially the washing, just seem to keep growing and growing. It's so much easier to just blob on the laptop, procrastinating and 'pinning' pretty things, than deal with the NINE loads of washing that are either dirty or wet right now.

But I'm getting this shit under control now. Okay? So to make up for the posts I didn't make this week, I'm just going to make three posts today. This is number one.


  1. I know. I actually used the dryer yesterday. I know we're lucky to have one, but I cringe just thinking about the power bill. But I just couldn't stand it any longer!!! And yet today there is more washing....

  2. I sympathize with your laundry situation, and I would just like to say that all of the other towers look beautiful, especially those brooches (I love those, as you know).

  3. you know, i'm down in wet Wellington right now, so i hear ya on the washing sitch. i have two kids as well...and them and the man make a lot of washing. Bah! I particularly LOVE the fabric pile...I have several myself.