Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday.

I'm not sure entirely what is going on with the lighting in my house today. It would appear I have forgotten exactly how hard it is to take a decently lit photo in Winter. And well, it is the first day of Winter today.

I have also forgotten my self inflicted rule of not wearing leggings. It would appear that this Winter is going to be the Winter of leggings. I just need to find and invest in some more really cute patterned ones, because I'm not feeling the plain black ones.

Mustard cowl : knitted by me. ($5 worth of wool on TM)
Black dress: Pumpkin patch maternity section. Shame-o. I didn't even buy it when I was pregnant, I just got it because it is ridiculously comfy, and plain black dresses are so hard to come by. ($5 on sale)
Geo print leggings : Kmart ($5)
Grey ruffly shoes : The Warehouse ($15)

I'm on a mission to get some sewing done this week. So, fingers crossed, I'll back back tomorrow with some craftiness.


  1. oooh! I need patterned tights. And a black dress. And the rest of the outfit! Looks fab! x

  2. Awesome outfit! Love the cowl esp.. and patterned tights, who would've thought! I didn't even know they existed, but I will now be hunting them down (likewise SOOOO over my standard black tights...)

  3. mooi :)! moet je nog veel meer bloemmen brooches maken, elke dag als ik een aan heb, vragen mensen waar ze die kunnen kopen! nu snel, finse mensen willen jou brooches kopen, lievert!

  4. "make a mustard cowl" has just gone on my to make list! Loving the Kmart tights! x

  5. i love that mustard cowl, you are so talented !!

  6. cute leggings! kmart has had some cute ones lately, i'm going to be living in them this winter i think!