Friday, June 10, 2011

Boy style/ Frugal fashion Friday.

Seeing as I missed Wardrobe Wednesday this week, We'll just have a Friday catch up. This is what I wore yesterday:

(Is anyone else having trouble getting their images to look half decent in Blogger? I had to load these in Flickr first and they still don't look great?)

The dress is one that I picked up while visiting my Father-in-law in Te Puke. They have the most fabulous op shop that is so full you can hardly move. Everything is piled sky-high and you really have to rummage to find anything. This isn't always ideal, and it would be nice if the price reflected it more often, but it just makes the hunting so much more enjoyable. And, for some strange reason, they always have amazing dresses. This one was $3.50.
The tights were a nifty $12 at Kmart. They're a bit baggy in the knees, but oh-so comfy. The shoes are the same old style, from The Warehouse for $10. The belt is thrifted, and the brooch is Croutons, of course.

I have no idea what I'm doing with my hair. I wish it would grow faster.

Today is cold, wet and miserable. Otto has been up since the crack of dawn, like usual, and put all of our days plans out by going back to bed at 7:30. So I have both boys at home today, just blobbing. Oh, and making comics and sock puppets. Here's a glimpse at the boys in there trackie-dackie home gears.


  1. love that dress! Looks perfect on you! And love the trackie gears too... Cute!

  2. You look super cute! And I love love love Otto's jersey! Again I say it, I need belts.

  3. LOVE the dress. I too wish my hair would grow faster. hate the inbetweeny phase. x

  4. That is a gorgeous dress. Please share the details of the opshop in te puke, I am in need of some awesomely retro aprons, and that place sounds promising.