Saturday, February 26, 2011


(I know, it is Saturday. Just play along!)

I'm really, really loving Kristins new wee section on her blog at the moment ' Boy Style Friday'. It's all about stylish clothes for boys, that don't break the bank. It's perfect for me, with two boys and a very small-to-non-existent clothing budget. And Kristin is the perfect woman for the job, being such a stylish lass herself!

So, without stealing  any of her limelight, I'm going to to use this as the perfect way to get back on the blogging horse. If there's one thing that always seems to get me inspired to sign into blogger, it's photos of outfits.
I've decided that I'll include myself in the post too though, just for a bit of difference. I've found myself missing our little 'Wardrobe Wednesday' posts, and neglecting to take so much notice of what I'm wearing. So, hoping noone minds, I'm going to attempt to tie-in with Kristin and do a Frugal Fashion Friday.

This is my outfit today. A fairly standard outfit for me at the moment, it's too hot to wear much else!

Sunglasses - $10 on sale at Just Jeans
Singlet- $8 full price at Kmart
Skirt- $2 at the Sallies
Belt - $1 at the Sallies when I was in high school
Shoes - $6 at the Warehouse

And these are outfits the boys wore this week.
Aesop chose his own clothes, he's getting to be quite the individual when it comes to clothes, his outfits are certainly not always to my taste, but they're very 'Aesop'. His modelling moves are all his own too, I told him I wanted to take a photo and this is what I got! NZNTM as.

Hat- a gift from a friend, originally op-shopped.
Scarf - an op shopped piece of gingham.
Singlet - about $6 at Farmers
Shorts - $17 at Farmers, bought by Nana.

Beads - mine, $2 at St Vinnies
Hoodie - bought for Aesop for a dollar or two at St Vinnies in Nelson
Shorts - bought by Nana, for Aesop.
Shoes - hand me downs from a friend (that stayed on only long enough for one photo!)
He also had a plain grey singlet underneath that was Aesop's.

Sweet! Oh, and thanks to those of you who are still reading! Thanks for hanging around!


  1. Yay for getting back into blogging :)
    Love the outfits.

  2. Welcome back love!! Naw @ your lovely comments, you're so sweet!
    'Frugal Fashion Friday' I love it! (might have to join in sometime). Also loving Aesops poses, he is just so awesome. xx

  3. I love your outfits Rhiannon! I'm also a thrifty mama, and its always a thrill to see how gorgeous other people dress themselves up in Sallies/Vinnies gear. Your kids, cute.

  4. Love Aesop's style, he looks like the Sartorialist would stop him on the street for sure! (And that second pose, priceless.)

  5. Yeah both the boys poses look awesome, and you look fantastic as usual. Hrrm, I'm thinking I could join in on this Frugal thing too, I do miss WW sometimes... xo
    ps lovely to have you back <3

  6. Yay you are back!!! And I love FFF! And Kristen's cutie boys clothing post too... I was kinda keen to jump on the bandwagon with a little girls clothing post, since El ends up in some pretty intriguing combos (depending on where my head's at that day...)... Glad you're back, great post!

  7. Yay you're back! I've missed your posts!

    Aesop looks adorable in his outfit! Love!

  8. Aesop's poses just gave me the best smile of the day!! <3 - thanks buddy!