Monday, February 28, 2011

Baking day.

(Isn't it annoying how baking is usually all the same colour?)

As part of my attempt to keep our weekly spending at bay, I have been making an extra effort to make sure I bake each week. I try to crank out a few things in one go, put some in the cupboard and stash the rest in the freezer for later in the week (amazing how much longer things last when the boys think there are only a few left!).

For this week I made blueberry muffins, choc chip cookies, and apricot almond cookies. All from the Edmonds cookbook. I didn't have enough margarine to make the crackers yesterday, but I'll make those this afternoon from the usual recipe. Nom!

Part of my resolutions for this year (which I might tell you about one day..) was to start making our bread.
I really dislike the fact that bread costs so much, meaning we can only afford to buy the really budget brands. The cheap-o brands, for some reason, seem so much less nutritious than the other brands and don't really taste of anything much. We eat A LOT of bread in our house, so while it probably still works out cheaper to be buying the packaged stuff, I much prefer the idea of having something I KNOW has at least a little nutrition.

I can't remember where I found the recipe that I've been using (such an out-of-practice blogger!), but it is for a lovely part-wholemeal bread. It's a little bit sweet, and very scrummy. I am using the 'dough' function on the (borrowed) breadmaker, then rising, and baking in the oven. It is more time consuming but the loaf is a nicer shape and it just seems to work.

I should really try a few more recipes, but it's tempting to just stick with what you know is good! Anyone got any tried and true recipes?


  1. I like the wholemeal bread recipe out of the Edmonds cookbook. It uses honey in place of sugar and is REALLY yummy. My only issue is that I can only sporadically get it to rise properly. Weird.

  2. nice to see you again, i recently made this everyday bread which i found over at The Kitchen Maid blog, its good and makes two loaves, you could easily add in seeds etc ... wouldn't mind one of those muffins with my cup of tea :)

  3. whoops forgot the link ...

  4. Have you trie Soulemama's WHO bread? SO Good. It's kind of sweet so it's a great little sweet snack but it's got good stuff in it too.

  5. This one is my fave for times when I can make only one kneading, no bread machine. The catch is that you need a baking pan that has a lid.

    You can substitute almost any kind of flour in there, and add seeds/nuts, etc., too!