Thursday, March 3, 2011

Recently acquired.

One of my other resolutions for this year was to carry on my de-cluttering. Last year I got rid of over 500 things, but didn't feel that much lighter. This year I want to get rid of at least another 500. I'm up to 360 so far, and feel like I'm getting a bit better at being ruthless now.

The only real problem is that I am constantly picking things up at the op shop, essentially replacing the things I'm getting rid of! Don't get me wrong, I'm getting better at leaving things behind at the oppies too, but by golly it's hard work. I was made to hoard.
These are some of the things that have made it home over the past few weeks.

I don't limit myself on buying fabric. It will all be used eventually and will probably pay for itself in the long run. Plates, on the other hand, won't. I should probably get a handle on that one!
The dress was just too amazing to pass up. It is minuscule, a mere 23" in the waist, and I doubt it would even fit one of my thighs but the thought of someone else buying it and selling it was too much for me. I initially thought I could pass it on to a verrry skinny friend, but I'm just too in love with it. Sorry Rozi!

I should really get motivated and list some of my 'things to get rid of' on Trademe. It's times like these I wish I was fancy and had an assistant. For that, and to clean my shower. Hmm.


  1. I love the crown lynn spotty bowl! I went to the exhibition at the Wellington City Art Gallery last weekend and they had a set of it on display. So no doubt you can justify that purchase as an investment!

  2. that dress is GORGEOUS!!! great find.
    i saw one that was super 80s cute the other day but didn't get it because i thought it wouldn't fit me. went back the next morning to get was gone...
    you did the right thing :)

  3. I'm on the same mission Rhiannon, but have decided a big ol' garage sale is going to be easier than listing a bunch of stuff on trade me then posting it all off. Might not get as much money but at least I'll be left with a smaller pile of stuff to sell online!

    I read about these people in Auckland who wanted to declutter their life, so they restrict themselves to only owning 100 things at any time, not including food. Crazy eh!

  4. gah! im so jealous of all ur finds! the dress is AMAZINGGGG! wowww! :)

  5. I agree. Keep the spotty bowl (fiesta ware!). I am trying to collect it at the moment and it is hard to come by. I love the daring blue dress in your other post.