Monday, May 31, 2010

Walls on our walk.

After a talk with a friend about how to photograph my next lot of Etsy photos, I have been taking extra notice of walls during our walks around the neighbourhood.

In particular, the old abandoned house up the street.
When I was at high school an little old man lived there, he was a fixer-upper of sorts.
He had his entire yard full to the brim of pieces of metal, half fixed cars, bikes, lawnmowers etc and pieces of wood, glass and other general well.. rubbish, to most people. So much so that I had never actually seen the house until they cleared it out.
He liked to stop and chat with whoever was walking by (perhaps part of the reason he never got round to actually fixing much..) and would be out pottering around no matter what the weather. A funny sort of a guy.

I wonder what ever happened to him, I think he moved into a home when they cleared out his house but it has been empty for years now. I hope that, wherever he is, he still has plenty of people to natter to and doesn't miss all of his clutter too much.
I have a sneaking feeling, everytime I walk past, that his tumble-down old house misses him though.


  1. i love these shots, great colour palette, we had a similar little old italian man in our street, he used to give me bunches of carnations and parsley from his garden, he moved to be closer to his daughter, i really miss our chats, but it makes me happy that hes closer to his family.

  2. Yes!

    The top photo is the one I meant! I have fallen in love with it... Must keep eyes on road when heading to your house. :)

    Love ya.

  3. oooh I love that last pic. they are all great!