Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yes, I know, it has been TWO whole weeks since my last post. Naughty, naughty!
I promise it is all about how busy I am sewing for Craft2.0 and hanging out with my family and nothing to do with me not loving you all anymore. It's not you, it's me.
You know what is great though? I'm really loving getting so much crafting done. It's been really hard to try and re-find that balance of sewing/family/housework/exercise etc and the challenge continues a bit, but hopefully once this whole mad dash is over things will even out a little.
I'm down to only needing to sew 0.5 items a day to get to my minimum stock levels so it is looking like I'm even going to get some bonus sewing done! Hopefully this week the weather will be kinder to us and I'll get some photos of my stock so far.

On Friday I took as day off from garment sewing to make some business cards/ swingtags.
I had hmmed and haa-ed about getting some printed but I could neither a) justify spending the money to get them done or b) find anything that really summed up the 'feeling' of Toast. I was going to get a lass I know to design some for me but  really, by stitching some fabric scraps onto card, what I ended up with is perfect for me.
I can write the details of my stuff on them and pin them to the clothing but can also scrawl my number/ name on them and hand them out for a memorable business card.


  1. oooh, they look like they've turned out well!

    I better get onto doing something myself, pretty slack in that dept!

  2. Man I love love love your business cards. Damn it I've been trying to come up with a great idea for mine..but no luck yet.
    You must have been sewing like a crazy woman to get down to 0.5 items per day. Thats great!

  3. Hurrah, you're back! Loving those stitched cards what an awesome idea.

  4. You can tell I didn't sew that lot. Heh heh, sorry.