Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gifts for (very) loved ones.

Abraham had a birthday recently.
Last years birthday was a bit of a let down, I think, so I decided that this birthday needed to be pretty awesome for him. How to make an awesome birthday with very little cash? Hmm..
In all my years of sewing I have never managed to get round to making Abraham a hoodie (something about mechanics always having run down cars etc?)  so I decided that that would be the perfect start.
He found an image online of one that he liked, I took a pattern from his favourite jumper and whipped one up. (Well actually I had a heap of trouble with broken needles, too many layers of fabric and zips that didn't match. But, you know, you get that ).
I also overcame my fear of double points and made him a hat! Once I figured it out it was fairly easy, and I really liked the pattern. Will be knitting that one again, for sure!
Those presents, combined with a huge, huge container of sour lollies from Aesop, some indian takeout and going to the movies to see 'Boy', meant it was deemed a successful birthday.

I also, finally, finished the wedding present for my sister-in-law and her new husband.
I used the leftover fabric from the bunting for the wedding and made a wee quilt for their future lil' 'uns.
(It's not wonky, I don't think. That's just the way it's laid out.).
I was pretty happy with how it turned out, and I hope they are too. Now I get to look forward to the day, whenever it may be, that I become an Aunty and get to see it in use! No pressure guys. Heh.


  1. you have been so busy !!!! great hat ! wish I could do that :)

  2. Did anyone ever tell you you're a crafting goddess? The man clothes are rad and that quilt, oh... perfection.

  3. that hoodie is awesome, and the quilt ... ah, the quilt ...

  4. Me and Jeff love the hoodie. Quite keen on another.

    Well done babycakes.