Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mollie's Chair - 15 Months

15 Months

I'm a week late, thanks to the busy-ness of the school holidays, but Mollie is now 15 months old!

I won't lie, the past month hasn't been the happiest for Mollie (or us!). Those darn teeth have been causing so much pain and upset. Luckily, three have broken through the gum now (giving her a grand total of 6) and I'm hoping relief is on the horizon.
Mollie and Otto also managed to both get their very first tummy bug during the holidays. Poor wee mites. That was no fun at all!


In amidst the nasties, there have been lovely times, too.
Mollie has formed a firm attachment to her baby. Until finding her baby, she had been 'mothering' soft toys; cuddling, carrying around, patting them gently on the back as she went. But this baby really takes the cake, as far as Mol is concerned.
The maternal instinct truly is a nature vs. nurture thing. This girl has it in spades.

Mol has also discovering singing and dancing, in a big way. Girl's got moves. Her bopping along has turned into swaying and arm movements. It's crazy cute.

Mollie only seems to have a few words in her vocab at the moment.
(Perhaps even fewer than a month ago?_
ALL questions, regardless of answer, get the same reply 'NAH!' (accompanied by a firm shake of the head, of course!)
'Mum!' is shouted loud, 'Ow!' is hilarious, 'Uh-oh!' is whenever anything goes wrong.

Her wobbly waddle has turned into a steadier, wide-legged walk. She has picked up speed, and delights in running away at changing time, or chasing her brothers down the hall.

I had considered sending Mol to a friends place a morning or two each week, this term. I had plans to up the sewing hours (and, thus, income..) but at the moment her sleep is all over the place, and clinginess could be her middle name. Sewing may just have to wait.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for a slightly cruisier month with our little lady, but one never knows with small people.


  1. Poor wee thing, its hard work growing up. Teething is the pits :( Hope it settles soon. Where is her doll from? I just love how shes mothering it.

  2. gorgeous series of pictures, reminds me of my Isabella and that it's been 17yrs since I had a small person who loved baby dolls

  3. this post is really sweet. Mollie is delicious but you know that.

  4. Lovely pic, she is loving that baby so much. Hope August is better for you all. Jxx

  5. Oh my gosh.... she is so so gorgeous!!
    And your photo's are great, such precious precious moments caught, you clever thing.