Sunday, July 14, 2013


It has been quiet around here. A lull in blog posts.
It's not for lack of love, merely lack of interesting things to post about. Life just bubbles along at the moment. Filled with kids, baking, housework, sewing...washing. So, so much washing.
(And some taxes (boo!) and hut making (hooray!)..)

This week marks the start of the school holidays though. Hopefully, this will mean a little less rushing from home-school-kindy and a little more time to hang out, take photos and do blog-worthy things. I'm not usually one to look forward to the holidays, but I'm actually sort of looking forward to these ones. Just the thought of not having to be anywhere. Glorious.


  1. is Mol totally doing your photo face? Super cool!

  2. holidays are my favourite.. no routine.. no rushing = bliss. oh and molls face is to die for... love it!

  3. I love your photos, slice of life speak so many words don't you reckon. (I think I'm addicted to photography? Hmmmmmm) Oh and by the way , can Mollie get any cuter??? Seriously !!

  4. Enjoy the hols, am looking forward to just hanging with the kids too. Not looking forward to doing my tax returns either... Have fun :)