Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mollie's Chair: 18 Months (A catch up!)

18 Months

My goodness, this girl is getting big!
Life is so busy at the moment that I, sadly, completely forgot to take the 17 month photos. Mothering fail!

One-and-a-half is proving to be a good age for Mol.
We've gained a few teeth (cutting a huge molar at the moment! Ouch!), finally starting to grow a tiny bit of hair and are getting taller by the week.
Mol is getting steadier on her feet, far less toddling when she walks, and her grasp of words is growing so quickly, too. She delights is greetings and farewells 'Hiya!' ' Bye!' ''Eeeeya!'
Mollie is learning her brothers names ('To!' 'Op!'), learning other peoples names, learning names for things around the house. One of my favourites is the way she says her own name 'Mo-yee'. So sweet.

Sleep has been up and down. We attempted to take the side of the cot, without much success. It has now gone back on and things have calmed down a little. Next step might be teaching her to get to sleep without the boob..

I think it's safe to say that Mol is no longer a little baby, she's very much a toddler. She insists on doing everything that her brothers get to do, and can't understand if she's left out.
Her favourite things include dancing, playing with the babies, washing dishes, riding the tandem trike, 'reading' books and chasing the boys.

I realised, when taking these pictures, that the suit she is wearing is the same fabric as the one she was wearing in these first pictures - at just one week old. She's a bit bigger now, huh?!
Must say, I'm still a little sniffly when I think about the fact that we'll never have a teensy one in the house again, but I'm also realllly looking forward to the adventures these kids will have when they're all old enough to play and explore together.

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