Monday, August 12, 2013

A 'lesson' in bike riding.

We've been talking about taking the training wheels of Otto's bike for awhile now.
I think we were a little nervous. Teaching Aesop to ride his bike was quite a mission for Abraham. It took months and months, much patience and many tears.
Otto is a very different child though. Those two are like chalk and cheese, so I knew it would be slightly easier second time round.

We bundled up on Saturday arvo, just before it rained, and headed down to the bike track at one of the local schools. My Mum and Dad came along, too.

As soon as we set foot on the track, Otto jumped on his bike. With a few seconds of Abraham holding the seat, so he could push off..... away he went! No tears shed and no patience required!!

It turns out that the balance bike his Koro bought his for his 2nd birthday completely paid off. Within minutes, Otto was confidently cycling half way round the field!

So proud!

Miss Mollie got adventurous and went up and down a few of the jumps (with Nana's help, of course!), and Aesop biked round and round like a pro.

Three kids on wheels!

This is especially exciting, as we're planning a big camping trip in the Summer - bikes will make getting  around the camp ground much, much easier for all of us. Yay!


  1. Yay Otto! And Miss Mollie is getting cuter by the day. Is that possible?

  2. He looks so happy with himself :) well done Otto!

  3. He did so well!! It was the same for us...took ages for our first and the second just decided it one day....and so he did :)

  4. Go Otto - what a special moment to share with us

  5. Yay! Our 2nd also took no time at all to ride after having a balance bike for a year. Maybe it's a 2nd child thing! She also learnt at a bike park similar to that :)